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Use Case: Samsung phones for In-Car Computing and Body Cameras

Phones as desktop computers and more tech advancements

By: Dale Stockton, Samsung – When Sheriff Joe Colston took over the top job at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Missouri, one of the first things he did was embrace smartphones as a force multiplier for his small agency. The department has nine deputies, and they’re tasked with protecting nearly 9,000 residents spread across almost 650 square miles. Colston knew that equipping each deputy with a smartphone would improve both efficiency and communications.

Colston, who had been using a department-issued Samsung Galaxy smartphone in his previous position as chief deputy, also wanted to leverage Samsung DeX, which pairs a smartphone with a dedicated display and keyboard to provide the functional equivalent of an in-car computer. Colston had heard about DeX and had seen a related case study on the Chicago Police Department. He decided to try DeX before committing to a full deployment effort.

“I checked it out on my own to make sure it would work with the apps and programs that we utilize daily,” he says. “[Using DeX] seemed like the next logical step after I knew it was functional.”

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