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Conversa Solutions

Enabling Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Conversa Solutions, LLC is a Michigan based strategic, full service software development, engineering, and mobility solutions firm. We specialize in Software Integration, Android Firmware Customization, Android Software Development, Tizen Development, Virtual Reality, Mobile Device Customization, and MDM Services. Our management team has over 150 years of cumulative executive experience in mobile. In addition, we have 40 years of software development and project management experience in various industries. In 2008 we established Conversa Solutions to prove that efficient manufacturing experience and comprehensive technical knowledge were the keys to success in the mobile industry. We saw this as a growing niche in our industry and realized that others could benefit from our extensive experience.

Conversa Solutions makes wireless work!

Android OS Customization

Conversa Solutions can provide customized Android OS loads for nearly any manufacturer or model. Customize the device experience to meet any of your customer needs.

App Deployment, Customization & Fulfillment

Fully secure and qualified fulfillment and distribution center. Use our software deployment services to customize your devices and develop white glove services to deploy devices to your clients, employees or customers.

Software Development

We develop custom-built, tailored, unique, made-to-order solutions that fit the needs of your business. We specialize in Samsung Knox Customization, Mobile Device Management (MDM) Apps & Android applications that customize the user experience. Our Asset Protection System siperLOCK (http://www.siperlock.com) protects devices for national retailers and network operators around the world.

Device Lab & Homologation Support

Leverage our experienced QA and homologation team to support the testing of new products. Our industry leading testing procedures are utilized by tier-1 operators, OEMs and enterprises throughout the world.