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We know it’s more than just a device. Our mobility services are all about adding value, custom-created software, and purpose-built technology to enhance your solution. Our security first approach to software development combined with our proprietary tools and technology allow us to deliver an extraordinary end user experience. Fully customize your device including default apps, UI appearance, settings, and connectivity.

Enabling Intelligent
Mobility Solutions

We’re fluent in most programming languages so we’re not limited to a single technology. Regardless of your technology stack we’re able to jump right in and be productive immediately. We’re highly proficient with Samsung Knox platform capabilities and systems integrations needed to bring together sub-component subsystems (that’s geek speak for “We Rock”). Our extensive experience and ability to imagine, develop, manage, and deliver integrated solutions will power your business to the next level!

Simple, Adaptive, Scalable EMM

Ensemble is a lightweight EMM solution designed to customize your mobile device. Simple, adaptive, and scalable; Ensemble helps manage the chaos of customizing, syncing, and managing a fleet of devices.

Reduce Risk & Increase Profit

siperLOCK is the only solution that enables carriers and retailers to disable subscriber handsets remotely if the device is not returned, reported stolen or payment is not made.

SIMlock: Provides Carriers and MVNOs the ability to prevent revenue loss, and manage subscriber churn by locking a device based on the SIM’s carrier information.

ASSETlock: Protect against losses, reduce collections costs, speed up collection returns and retain customers.

Knox System Integration

Samsung Knox is a security platform on a Samsung device making it business-ready. Knox focuses on transforming a normal device into one that is secure enough to handle sensitive corporate data. It essentially encrypts data on the device with strong algorithms and provides a virtual workspace within the device to isolate work files from personal ones. Conversa Solutions has extensive experience with the Samsung Knox Platform and Systems Integration.