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Law Enforcement

A major law enforcement OEM, Taser, was looking to provide connectivity and real-time video streaming across its product line. This real-time streaming is critical to law enforcement as they work to protect citizens and solve crimes, and will also aid in building trust back between communities and police officers. Taser wanted to sell the full solution, not just one piece of the puzzle. That’s when it called on us to perform the product integration.


Taser was looking for an android device that would be worn on the chest of each police officer. Anytime a taser weapon is drawn, the video application of the device automatically activates and begins recording. It can also be activated manually by the officer. The device will also be used to photograph evidence as part of investigations.


Vertex/Conversa removed functionality which was superfluous to the solution, including incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, games and un-needed apps. We then deployed custom application launchers, branding and browser bookmarks required for the solution.


Vertex/Conversa engineers worked closely with Taser engineers on field testing; making sure the device functioned properly under a variety conditions. They provided the support needed to make this solution commercially ready.


This solution is now being launched as part of the Taser portfolio and is certain to change the face of law enforcement in this country.