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Hotel Management Device

Vertex/Conversa developed a customized solution for a hotel chain in North America. This development involved selection of device hardware, application deployment, application management, OS customizations, custom packaging, fulfillment, reverse logistics and customer support.


A major North American hotel chain wanted to use a managed device to connect their maid staff, maintenance staff and management staff across an internally-built app. Security and loss was a major issue to keep in mind when deploying 1000’s of Android devices, as well.


Vertex/Conversa removed functionality which was superfluous to the solution, including incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, games and un-needed apps. We then deployed custom application launchers, branding and browser bookmarks required for the solution.


Every device was shipped timely and efficiently. The mobility solution we created helped our client understand that these devices would not be targeted for theft because of the way they were configured. Also, because of our custom fulfillment services, each property was able to purchase devices directly.


This solution enabled the management of each property to quickly respond to customer requests and track the efficiency of their employees. The use of connected devices to solve this business problem helped this hotel chain to reduce overhead and customer complaints.