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Healthcare Industry

Healthcare and technology go hand-in-hand. So when OEM’s began to introduce devices such as virtual reality goggles, medical practioners brainstormed on real life applications. One such brainstorming resulted in a holistic way for patients to manage chronic pain and anxiety. A new company was created (Applied VR), and Vertex/Conversa was brought on board as the deployment partner of choice.


Vertex/Conversa worked closely with Applied VR to determine which device hardware would best support the virtual reality demonstrations it was creating. Next, a timeline for the project was created. Vertex/Conversa then created a stable environment within the device on which the virtual reality demos would run. Finally, we decided on the BOM for the demos (handset, VR glasses, charger), and created a logistics plan.


Vertex/Conversa removed functionality which was superfluous to the solution, including incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, games and un-needed apps. We then deployed custom application launchers, branding and browser bookmarks required for the solution. From there, we created a user-friendly, out-of-box experience.


A number of other companies are finding ways to use virtual reality in the treatment of patients. Clinical trials and studies happen every day across this country as doctors find non-medicinal treatments to support patient care.