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Gaming & Entertainment Industry

In 2016, Conversa was called on to support the Virtual Reality Hub at the Tribecca Film Festival. This meant working with one of the leading gaming providers in North America to assist in hardware selection for the demonstrations, load content onto each device, provide the out-of-box deployment solution, kitting and shipping to site.


Vertex/Conversa worked closely with Machinima to determine which device hardware would best support the virtual reality demonstrations it was creating. Next, Vertex/Conversa worked to create a stable environment within the device on which the virtual reality demos would run. Finally, we determine what the BOM for the demos would be (handset, VR glasses, charger).


Under a tight timeline, Vertex/Conversa provided oversight of the project as well as engineering support. Procurement of goods, flashing, testing, kitting, delivery of goods and out-of-box user instructions were all managed through Vertex/Conversa.


Once the product was delivered to the site of the film festival, Vertex/Conversa provided real-time troubleshooting support to the Machinima crew running the virtual reality demonstrations. As seen on the film-festival website, the project was a success!