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Debranded and Custom CDMA & GSM Firmware


Conversa Solutions is the only wireless software development company in the world who can provide customized or debranded software for nearly any manufacturer or model. Conversa Solutions can customize the following items:

   • Wakeup/Power Down Animations
   • Add or Remove Applications
   • Menu Icons Or Menu Format
   • Add Or Remove Locks  (CDMA & GSM)
   • Add Or Remove Custom Animations
   • Add Or Change Default Carrier Settings

Conversa supports distributors, OEMs and network operators (carriers) with these services. We do not sell software or firmware, but offer the complete solution for these customers in our firmware loading services, coupled with our fulfillment and distribution services. We are the industry leaders in turnkey fulfillment, distribution and cellular software solutions.

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Logistics, Distribution & Fulfillment


Conversa Solutions is a fully secure and qualified fullfillment and distribution center. We can warehouse, pick, kit, masterpack and ship (blind if necessary) directly to your customers, stores or regional distribution centers.

We can print any user guides or collateral materials you require, including the manufacture of custom or OEM style boxes.

We are a one-stop source for your distribution & fulfillment needs. 

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Android Handset Customization



Conversa Solutions are the Android software customization experts. Conversa provides the complete Android firmware solution for carriers and distributors. We can modify all branding items including:  

   • ringtones, wallpapers, homescreen
   • browser settings,
   • wakeup and power down images,
   • carrier network settings and APN profiles 
   and finally,
   • customize all factory loaded applications.

We Are The Cellular Software Experts!

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Customized Android Upgrades


Conversa Solutions can provide an upgrade path for all Android devices in the marketplace to the newest versions of Android (including Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich as they are made available from Google).

We can work with your vendors / distributors to upgrade new devices as they come to market and/or provide a customized upgrade solution for your specific network and situation as shown below

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Android Carrier OTA Services


We can upgrade your device remotely, Over-The-Air, or alternatively you can utilize our upgrade services applications, which will provide your subscribers with a One-Click upgrade solution once your network team approves the latest load which Conversa will create for you. Our solution is the most customizable in the industry, including the ability to notify users remotely of the upgrade, integrate with your billing system and charge subscribers for the upgrade, as well as view all the analytics and usage documented for your team to analyze.

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Conversa Solutions Events

See Conversa Solutions at the following events, trade shows or conferences. To schedule a meeting, click on the event you would like to meet with us at below.



January 8-11

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International Consumer Electronics Show

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